Sunday, September 29, 2013

Government Showdown

So here we are again.... in the eleventh hour.  Everyone is wondering whether the Government is going to shut down.  The politicians have taken America hostage. What's going to happen?  After watching @Cspan for most of two days while sick, I got to witness Republicans come out with a budget and Amendment to defund the President's new health care law.  An unprecedented Anti American, UnConstitutional healthcare law that requires all people, with the exception of the President himself, his family and Politicians in Congress and some big Corporations to have it or face substantial fines.   Yes,you read that right.  The very same people who passed the healthcare bill in the middle of Christmas eve night without even reading what was in it, are exempt from Obamacare, as it is known here in the States. It was passed by partisan support because the Republicans were excluded from taking part in any discussions over it. Not only that, but politicians were bribed into voting for it with money.   Yes, you heard that right also.  Democrats in the Senate were bribed into voting for something that nobody knew what was in it!  Now that it is about to take effect on October 1, Companies are starting to see the destructive circumstances of such a bill well in advance.   So here we are.  Republicans have tried to pass a budget to keep the Government from closing, but Democrats have voted it out.  Republicans compromised and asked for an amendment that would halt the Individual mandate for a whole year, and now we wait to see what Democrats are going to do tomorrow.  I tell you its like watching  bullies in the playground.  Republicans are trying to do the will of the people, because no one wants Obamacare!  Republicans hold the money.  Democrats may have control of things, but they do not control the money.  Democrats are like the bully in the playground that tells everyone to play by their rules or else.  Republicans are the scared little kids that have their money taken away because they are too wimpy to stand up to these mean ol' bullies. Will the Republicans cave to the demands of the Bullies in Congress?  We shall see.  I do know one thing.  If they cave in again, it might be over for that Party.  Its time to stand up for what's right.  #DefundObamaCare!  I'm praying the  Republicans have the back bone to stand up and fight!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Make Things Happen!

     I was watching the Cowboys vs Giants game on Sunday Night Football the other day, and it was an ugly game.  Lots of turnovers by the Giants and lack of momentum by the Cowboys.  Neither had their game "face" on that night.  Every now and then, Dallas would make a play to put them on top of the scoreboard.  By halftime, it looked like it was all Dallas. When the second half came, it looked liked the momentum had shifted to the Giants. They scored enough points to be behind by two touchdowns!  It seemed that Dallas was destined to fail again, everyone was saying it.  But with seconds in the game, the Cowboys made another important game changing play that would seal the win for them. At the end of the game, the sportscaster asked one of the Dallas player's what was the deciding factor in the win. His answer was simple and to the point.  "We made things happen when we needed to!" 
It didn't take special talent to do it.  Anyone could have done it!  Maybe they realized the agony they would have felt if they had lost this game.  Confidence in the team would have been lost.  Even if it was the first game of the season!  The fans have seen enough of mediocrity!  Its time to change  the momentum of  the game.  It's time to take the initiative and make something happen.  Will you?

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Plan of Action

      I love the early morning hours.  Its when I have the most vivid dreams.  Its where I can actually think clearly.  Silence.  Just me and my thoughts.   Which leads me to an epiphany I had this morning.

    When I was in High School, I had dreams and ambitions of being a Physical Therapist, being married, living in Colorado and traveling around the world.  I had my whole life planned out!  That until  I actually graduated from school.  I took some time off to do what I wanted, and then I got complacent and let life's circumstances dictate my life. Not only did I not finish college, but I am not married and I live in Texas.  Not a bad place, but it's not where I  imagined myself living at this point in my life.  I work in  a place I said I would never work in,  I have traveled some, but have not thoroughly enjoyed my life.   It seems all I do is work without getting anywhere. 
     In some respects,  this is how I am seeing The President of the United States.  When President Obama was running for election, he had all these wonderful ideas about uniting the country and finding work for people.  He pledged to work in the middle and that his administration would be an open book for all to see.  By nothing short of a miracle, he has managed to win another election without doing anything he said he was going to do.  In fact, I see him  doing quite the opposite!  I see the President being "complacent" in his duties as President.  He's letting the circumstances of our time dictate his responses and actions!

 It's interesting to note that when he was an unknown senator from Chicago, he voted NOT to do to war against Sadam Hussein.  Classsified information suggested he had Chemical weapons and that he murdered his own some of his people.  Then when he became President, the Iranian people had an uprising against their dangerous Government, and instead of supporting the people, he supported the Government! Then  Libya came and he again supported the wrong people.   And then in Benghazi,  he did nothing to help our foreign Ambassador and military from a terrorist attack!  All in the meantime, he's pulling out all of our troops from Afghanistan.  So excuse me if I find it odd that he would all of a sudden want to go to war against Syria for claims that their Government used chemical weapons on his own people.  Inconsistent evidence to suggest that the Government actually did this!  But why is he so eager to go to war now?  is it to destabilize Syria as well?  I mean good grief, look at what he has done in Egypt and Libya!

     One can only pray that this President has right goals in mind when it comes to Syria, because this time its enough to set off a dangerous set of circumstances that will have a negative impact on the whole world!

     So you see, whether you are an ordinary person out there in the world, or you are the Leader of of the free world, you have to set right goals and plans for your life or you will let circumstances dictate your life.  Which in turn can lead into a dangerous or unhappy life.  So what about you?  What plans and goals have you set out? Or are you just going to let whatever comes, happen?