Sunday, September 29, 2013

Government Showdown

So here we are again.... in the eleventh hour.  Everyone is wondering whether the Government is going to shut down.  The politicians have taken America hostage. What's going to happen?  After watching @Cspan for most of two days while sick, I got to witness Republicans come out with a budget and Amendment to defund the President's new health care law.  An unprecedented Anti American, UnConstitutional healthcare law that requires all people, with the exception of the President himself, his family and Politicians in Congress and some big Corporations to have it or face substantial fines.   Yes,you read that right.  The very same people who passed the healthcare bill in the middle of Christmas eve night without even reading what was in it, are exempt from Obamacare, as it is known here in the States. It was passed by partisan support because the Republicans were excluded from taking part in any discussions over it. Not only that, but politicians were bribed into voting for it with money.   Yes, you heard that right also.  Democrats in the Senate were bribed into voting for something that nobody knew what was in it!  Now that it is about to take effect on October 1, Companies are starting to see the destructive circumstances of such a bill well in advance.   So here we are.  Republicans have tried to pass a budget to keep the Government from closing, but Democrats have voted it out.  Republicans compromised and asked for an amendment that would halt the Individual mandate for a whole year, and now we wait to see what Democrats are going to do tomorrow.  I tell you its like watching  bullies in the playground.  Republicans are trying to do the will of the people, because no one wants Obamacare!  Republicans hold the money.  Democrats may have control of things, but they do not control the money.  Democrats are like the bully in the playground that tells everyone to play by their rules or else.  Republicans are the scared little kids that have their money taken away because they are too wimpy to stand up to these mean ol' bullies. Will the Republicans cave to the demands of the Bullies in Congress?  We shall see.  I do know one thing.  If they cave in again, it might be over for that Party.  Its time to stand up for what's right.  #DefundObamaCare!  I'm praying the  Republicans have the back bone to stand up and fight!

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