Sunday, November 17, 2013

When Marxism hits America


 Its easy to see how people are becoming disengaged with politics nowadays.  It seems everything has become too saturated with politics that there's no getting around anything without it affecting you in some way.  It's even crept into our social lives and our sports arena's.   That's why people are "turning off".  They have had enough!
     Our political system is too far gone down the tubes, in my opinion, its too late to save anything.  America will go down.  No more Super power.  No more Justice.  No more liberty.  Its gone.
     Our system has been infiltrated for a very long time by people who do not believe in the America experiment.   The facts are that the two party system is really working as one system to dismantle the American way of life to usher in this New Age global agenda.  And its working.  This is why you see the break down of our morals and our laws.  Its part of the plan.  If those two are gone, then you really don't have much of a chance.
     America was once a great idea.  People from all over the world would break their backs just to come and make a life for themselves here.  But now people don't care about what's right.   They don't care about preserving an idea that has worked for more than 230 years.  They don't care about  destroying a country that has given so much to so many people.  Nope.  All that doesn't matter.  Its all about the ME generation, disguised in the name of "community".   People do not seem to understand that this nation has been in a global agenda for many years now, It started back in the 1900's and it has progressed even rapidly in the last few years.  It doesn't matter which party is in office.  America will crumble.  People might be able to slow the progression, but ultimately, it will happen.   It will get worse for the people of faith who still believe in absolutes.  Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but that's where we are at.  America's best days are behind here.  

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